Boys reading from the Torah

The Jewish Studies program at Carmel provides our students with the fundamental knowledge of their Jewish heritage and a positive sense of self-identity.

We cater for students from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds with our objective being that every student, regardless of background, should receive a meaningful, satisfying and relevant Jewish education.From their earliest years students embark on a very successful Hebrew Language program. Their Hebrew skills are further utilised in their Jewish Studies classes in Torah, parsha (the weekly portion) and chagim (holidays and festivals).We also run early morning Torah studies classes for students who wish to undertake additional lessons in this area.

In the High School Years 8-10 these courses evolve into Yahadut (Judaic Studies), Tanach (scripture) and Jewish History. Senior students in Years 11 and 12 have the option of continuing with their Hebrew language studies or studying Religion and Life to WACE level.

The Jewish Studies curriculum is supplemented by an array of informal educational activities. These include guest speakers, seminars, school camps, festival celebrations and Shabbatonim, all of which contribute to an enriched Jewish atmosphere at AVѧԺ. It is also bolstered by the daily participation in the morning tefillah, which allows our students to become familiar with Jewish liturgy and the value of personal prayer.

From Kindergarten through to Year 12 our students are immersed in Jewish communal life. The School is closely affiliated with the various synagogues, the Maurice Zeffert Centre for the Aged, and other Jewish community organisations. Our staff and students work closely with youth movements, support Tzedakah and G’Milut Chassadim programs and nurture a strong sense of community through representation and participation in communal functions and celebrations.