Carmel students benefit from a strong moral and ethical framework, helping them to grow up with a clear sense of values, including respecting others, which prepares them for a lifetime of meaningful community engagement.

There is a range of community service activities and events that students get involved with over their schooling, under the direction of our Head of Community Service. For example, our Primary School students are regular visitors to the Maurice Zeffert residential aged care facility and retirement village. Students also regularly take on fundraising projects, selecting different charities to support. Beneficiaries have included the Menora Charity Fund, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Cancer Council, the Diabetes Foundation, the JNF,Magen David Adam and the RSPCA.

Read about two such instances of community service, one of which came about when our students used a City of Stirling grant to make care packages for the less fortunate members of society and the other when studentsmade sandwiches for children at other schools who aren't able to bring lunch to school each day.