CAPA Production - '13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview'

Change often proves unpopular, and student and staff reactions to the strange timing of the recent school break (necessary to accommodate both Easter and Pesach) were initially quite unfavourable. However, it worked out rather well and feedback has been very positive, to the extent that I was asked upon returning to school this week whether we could make these arrangements next year, too. Unfortunately, I have no influence over the dates of these events and such ideas are sadly stymied by the need to meet a set minimum number of school days each year, but I’m sure there will continue to be non-standard school breaks to enjoy in the future. We can all be pleased that the arrangement means that in eight and a half weeks’ time we will finish Semester 1 and be ready for our next break!

Although feedback has suggested that the Pesach chag involved significant amounts of work on the home front, some of the family seders that have been described to me sounded very special. Particularly pleasing, and a great tribute to our JLL staff for preparing them so admirably for the occasion, was hearing about the impressive number of children who contributed to and in some cases ran their family’s seder.

Our students are looking very smart in their winter uniforms despite the unseasonably warm temperatures. As someone who lived the first half of their life in West Wales, I hate rain with a passion, but even I have come to the conclusion that we might need a decent downpour fairly soon; the newly-planted native plants in my front garden are ready for it. Happily, we have large, good quality AVѧԺ umbrellas ready for purchase in the uniform shop – I have invested in one already and look forward to seeing them around Dianella in the months ahead.

Before we put Term 1 behind us, I must comment on the first performance of the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA). ’13 Ways to Screw up your College interview’ was fabulous. I haven’t laughed out loud in public to that extent for a long time, and it was just wonderful to see so many students getting involved and showcasing their acting talents – this was exactly our aim for CAPA. Our performers will once again take to the stage in a significant musical soiree towards the end of this term – we have booked a venue off campus to give them the opportunity to perform as professionals. I can’t wait to see what these talented young people will show us. Our thanks go to the Carmel Arts team, whose professionalism, dedication and motivation to provide these sorts of opportunities to our students make all the difference.

Shabbat shalom.

Julie Harris