It has been a lovely, positive start to the school year as both campuses have filled with the sounds of chatting and laughter (as well as the whir of the air conditioning as the summer heat continues!).

Substantial capital works have been underway during the break, slowed slightly by shipping issues, transport issues and labour shortages, but we’re nearly there and the School will look better for it. In particular, the hard work put into the High School reception and the Primary School front garden provide a fresh new look to welcome students, staff, parents and visitors to AVѧԺ.

And welcome people we did – new teachers in Years 1, 4 and 5 as well as teachers of Psychology and Literature in the High School. Add to this 27 new students in various classes from Pre-primary to Year 12 on top of our 28 new Kindy children. The School has been abuzz with excitement as old friends re-unite after the break and we welcome new ones to our community. Long may this fabulous increase in numbers continue.

Parents will recently have received a start-of-year message from our Board President, Mr Jonathan Schneider. He lists some of the exciting changes that you will see at AVѧԺ in 2024. I spent some time last week summarising in a mind map many of the things that parents often ask about and Ms Regan made it look lovely. Please click here to see the document. We have included detailed information on many aspects of our work and how we organise our programs to meet our students’ needs. [You can tap on the QR codes if you’re viewing this on your phone or use your phone to open the attachment if you’re viewing it on your laptop].

I hope you enjoy reading more about what’s on offer at AVѧԺ this year.

Shabbat shalom

Dr Julie Harris