Helping Our Veteran Community Integrate into College Life

The Veterans’ Success Center is a centralized place at AVѧԺ for veterans, military members, and their dependents. We understand that the transition from military to college life can be challenging, so we are committed to providing the best assistance in appreciation for your sacrifice and service. We can help with everything from processing your educational benefits to connecting you with resources and services offered at AVѧԺ and in our community. AVѧԺ is ranked 20th by MilitaryTimes as one of the best two-year colleges to attend nationally.

Our Services

At the Veterans Success Center, we can help:

  • Provide information regarding VA education benefits, plus we have VA Certifying Officials who can initiate and process VA education benefits, including evaluating your military transcripts and Department of Defense Form 214 for college credit
  • Assist with the AVѧԺ application and class registration process
  • Provide a dedicated Veterans Success Center counselor and peer mentors who understand and are committed to our veterans’ needs and educational progress so you can meet your goals
  • Offer information about the various resources and services offered on- and off-campus
  • Provide assistive technology and computer and printer access in a designated study area for veterans and dependents

Or, to learn more contact a VSC Representative directly at our Rocklin or Nevada County Campus.

Large United States flag draped down the side of the AVѧԺ library building during Veterans Day
The Veterans Success Center provides a space for veterans to relax, study or talk with other veterans while on campus. We offer snacks, coffee, laptops (to sign out), books, free printing (veterans and dependents only), and school supplies.

Steps to Apply as a Veteran or Veteran Dependent

Getting Started

Before you begin the application process, gather the following materials:

  • Social Security Number.* If you have a DACA issued social security number, do not include it in your application. *If you are not a US citizen, you will also need your Alien Registration Number or VISA information.
  • Previous education information. Know the names and dates (month and year) of all high schools and colleges you’ve attended.
  • Email address. This is where we’ll send follow-up information about your application. If you do not have one, create one before you apply. NOTE: To avoid delays, we recommend that you do not use a yahoo email account when completing your OpenCCC application.

Veteran Applicant

Follow these steps to apply, enroll and register for classes if you are applying as a veteran.

Veteran Dependent Applicant: Prospective Chapter 33

Follow these steps to apply, enroll and register for classes if you are applying as a Chapter 33 (Transfer of Entitlement [TOE]) – Post 9/11 Bill Transfer of Eligibility applicant.

Veteran Dependent Applicant: Prospective Chapter 35

Follow these steps to apply, enroll and register for classes if you are applying as a Chapter 35 (VA Education Benefit for Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance [DEA]) applicant.

Veteran Dependent Applicant: Prospective CalVet College Fee Waiver

Please visit CalVet if you would like to apply or know more about the .

Once you’ve submitted your application to a local County Veterans Service Office (VSO), the VSO will give you a signed document you will need to deliver to theAVѧԺ Financial Aid department.

Campus and Community Resources

Get In Touch

Veterans Success Center — Nevada County

Nevada County

Building N1, Room 208

M-R: 8:30am-5pm; F (virtual services) 8:30am-noon