Library Tutorials

Library Tutorials

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Learn how to search dozens of specialized research databases with thousands of articles.

  • – Learn how to use the APA PsycArticles database to find peer reviewed psychology journals.
  • – Learn how to use Artstor for access to digital images and media to enhance scholarship and education.
  • – Learn how to search Discover! to find books, articles and more.
  • – Learn how to perform a basic search on EBSCOhost.
  • – Learn how to use EBSCO’s eBook Collection.
  • – Learn how to use Gale eBooks for research, including full text navigation and easy citation tools.
  • – Use Gale Literature to find literary criticism and author biographies.
  • – Learn how to log in to AVѧԺ Library’s research databases when you’re off-campus.
  • – Learn how to search the Opposing Viewpoints database to find sources on controversial topics.
  • – Learn how to search Ovid to find journals in nursing and health sciences.
  • – Learn how to search ScienceDirect to find scientific journal articles.
  • : Library Research and Information Literacy tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions on Research and Citation

  •  – View a video on the difference between a scholarly journal article and popular news articles from University of Washington Libraries.
  • – View an online tutorial that can help you prevent plagiarism.

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Learn how to search Discover! to find books, articles and more at AVѧԺ Library.

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Use Discover! the library search tool to find a variety of library resources and tools available at the library.