Art is an integral part in everybody’s day to day life, whether it’s in the clothes we wear, furniture we use or art we create, we can all agree that art is an incredibly important part of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. As art is such a vital entity, it is fundamental that we have great art teachers. Luckily for us at AVѧԺ, we are blessed with one of the world’s greatest art teachers, Morah Leanne Majzner. When asked why she loves art so much she said “From a very young age, I can remember painting in my bedroom and my Mum going berserk. I don’t know, it just spoke to me. I loved being involved in something so tactile and so visual.”

Her passion and love for art radiates from her heart into the mind of her adoring students, making her classroom feel like a safe haven and an environment where they can freely express themselves. Year 9 student Kamali L says, “Art is a way to unwind for me and many other students. We are so lucky that at Carmel school we have such a great art facility with even better staff.”

After Morah Leanne had experimented with so many activities, she found that she resonated with art the most. She realised she held a power not many others had, being able to share the craftsmanship she loves with other people so she decided to inspire others and heal others’ souls as art had enhanced hers.

Morah Leanne’s passion for art is incredibly evident through her teaching and how she presents herself, and we are absolutely certain that everyone should experience her knowledge and passion for themselves.

By Year 9 students, Lila W and Vanessa L