What did you enjoy most about attending AVѧԺ?

I enjoyed cultivating and maintaining relationships and having a good time with many laughs along the way. Carmel provided me with a strong Jewish identity and it provided me with the framework to learn, question, problem-solve and negotiate. I really enjoyed the academic pursuits. I also enjoyed going to school with my brother and getting to spend time with him.

What are you most proud of from your school experience?

  • Maintaining my integrity throughout my schooling
  • Winning the Subject Dux for Information Systems in Years 11 and 12

What skills, knowledge, subjects or people from Carmel helped you in your life or career?

  • Year 4 with Mrs Metcalfe was a blast learning about dinosaurs and outer space!
  • Year 7 with Mrs Guild had a profound effect on me, she was very important in my educational journey and dedicated the time to help me with my studies. To this day I’m very thankful (I hope she is reading this).
  • Science Class with Mr Pritchard was my most exciting class, especially when things went bang!
  • I also gained immense value from Years 11 and 12 Information Systems with Mr Sully and still use what I was taught to this day.
  • I benefitted and learnt a lot from Years 11 and 12 Geography with Mr Exelby and part of me still wants to own a farm.

Tell us about your journey since graduation. Past roles, achievements, personal and professional highlights.

After graduating in 2004 I enrolled in a Bachelor of Power Station Engineering at Murdoch, held at the Rockingham campus and I used to get up at 5am to drive to Rockingham every day to make 7am lectures. I quickly worked out that this wasn’t for me and after a year decided I wanted to pursue an alternative path. I went to Israel in 2005 and it was a life-changing trip for me. I spent time on a kibbutz working and living with my family, I worked in the chicken house, and got to connect with my Jewish heritage and family.

When my mother and father eventually had a conversation with me that went something like “So what are you going to do with your life?”, I responded that I wanted to work in the security industry. I started working with a large electronic security company that had the contract for prison security systems with the Department of Justice. At the age of 19, I was walking through maximum security prisons both in metro and regional areas of WA - it was an interesting job to say the least. After a few years I enrolled in a Bachelor of Security, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Studies with a minor in Chinese Business – the degree was incredibly interesting.

I graduated in 2012 and decided to go to China for a holiday. I ended up spending over two years there and got engaged. I came back to Perth for a Security Consultant Job with an engineering company and was involved in the security upgrades of some defence installations, government buildings and Perth Airport. I went through the turmoil of being made redundant a few times and struggled to find what to do with my life. I worked at the Department of Immigration, The WA Police and Apple. After undertaking research into what I would like to do next in life, I kept coming across Change Management. I read up on it and realised it was for me. I completed a Post Grad Change Management Course and worked as a Change Consultant with a WA Health Entity on a very large Human Resources change initiative and was responsible for 9 streams of data and tech-related changes. I’m currently finishing off the last two units of an MBA and have found my way back to the defence and security industry.

Can you describe your current role?

I am a Change Manager at British Aerospace Engineering and my role as a Change Manager is to work with a Project Team. We are implementing a few new systems and my role entails planning, implementing and overseeing technological changes. I facilitate the smooth transition, address resistance and ensure that the employees adapt to the new processes effectively and with the least amount of pain.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I enjoy problem-solving, talking to people, listening to their concerns, putting systems and practices in place to remove their concerns and working on really cool and exciting projects. All businesses undertake change in order to survive and change is never easy to deal with.

What are you most proud of achieving in your life so far?

  1. Being a husband and father
  2. Undergoing personal and professional growth
  3. Mentoring young professionals in my field
  4. Completing multiple academic pursuits whilst working and having a family along the way
  5. Being dual-certified as a Change Manager
  6. Working on projects that help protect people
  7. Operating out of my comfort zone for long periods of time

Are there any long-term goals you hope to achieve?

  • I aim to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration and contribute to research in the field of leadership and change management.
  • Leaving the world in a better place than I found it.
  • Raising my daughter to be a Mensch.

What advice do you have for our current Carmel students who are preparing for their future after graduation?

Study hard, seek assistance from your teachers, be there for your friends and try not to stress your parents. There are a multitude of pathways into careers, and it can often be difficult to know what to do. Eventually, it will fall into place, enjoy the journey along the way.