Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah was held on 24 December 2022 but due to a very busy and exciting start to the year we have not had the opportunity to chat about it.

Hannah’s D’Var Torah related to Parshat Miketz which she delivered at Chabad Shul during the shabbat Mincha service. This was followed by Havdalah and lighting of the Chanukiah. A great time was had by all dancing and eating freshly fried donuts expertly made by Ivan of OMG donuts.

Hannah concluded the celebration with lots of swimming, lollies and hanging out together at Yanchep beach on the 26 December for the girls from AVѧԺ and the Bat Mitzvah programmes.

Hannah’s highlight was having all her family from overseas staying together in Hannah’s house which included grandparents, an aunt and cousin from Hamilton (near Toronto) in Canada and an aunt, uncle and three cousins from Miami, Florida in America. They all really loved Perth especially the seeing the kangaroos in Yanchep National Park

It sounds like a fabulous time was had by all!

Hannah explained to me the significance of becoming Bat Mitzvah and how it starts to shape you as a Jewish woman and helps you grow up and become more responsible for your actions. Hannah says she is already feeling different and feeling empowered to take control and make positive choices.