I have been using the first few months of my role as Board President to meet as many of our School and Jewish community members as possible. Attending the Peek & Picnic with 2022's Kindy families and meeting the parents of next year's Year 7s and all the teachers, have been amongst some of the highlights.

Every Jewish child learns to say the Shema prayer - a prayer we say in morning and evening prayers. It is said to remind us of many things but one key message for me is Shema - Listen! - which is what I have been doing and encouraging the other Board members to do. The AVѧԺ community is broad, diverse and at the same time united - we all want our children to have an exceptional education, knowledgeable of and supported by the Jewish values that connect us to our culture and traditions.

We have just started our listening program and some of the key things we have learnt are: the Community aspect of being part of Carmel is invaluable. We need to be more open to supporting members of our community who do not have a Jewish background or Jewish education so they feel more included and that the Board needs to be open and transparent in our communication with the parents.

Shema - we hear you; we will act accordingly.

When I was introduced to you as the new President, it was mentioned we have a new strategy and vision. Here is the first introduction; more information will follow soon.

Our new vision for AVѧԺ is:

To create the Perth Jewish Community members and AVѧԺ students of the next generation.

To achieve this, we will work actively with our School families and the wider Perth Jewish community to develop plans and activities to ensure we continue to provide an exceptional education, where every child achieves their own best, as well as a warm, strong community environment where parents can be their best as parents, community members and partners in the School's bright future.

A Parent Consultation Group has been launched to give each year group a direct input to the Board. These Parent Consultation Advisors do not replace the Class Rep (although they may be the same person in some instances) and they have been selected so the Board has a diverse group of parents who will tell us what we need to hear and will be the trusted advisors to the Board on our future plans and activities, as representatives of you, the parents. Each group of three classes has a Board representative assigned to it and these three classes will organise events and activities together to foster a greater sense of community amongst themselves. This is in addition to more whole-of-school activities planned from 2022.

The Parent Consultation Group does not replace the direct communication we encourage parents to have with their teachers, dean of students, mentor teachers or heads of school, where individual students' educational or student wellbeing issues are concerned. We are very keen to hear, via the Parent Consultation team, your ideas on how we can TOGETHER achieve our vision and continually improve.

A full list of the Parent Consultation Group and respective Board Members will be communicated in the beginning of Term 4.

For the arrival of our new Principal, Dr Julie Harris, the Board is also busy planning a major review of the Jewish Life & Learning Program (Jewish Studies program) and our budget for next year to ensure we continue to INVEST in the School's grounds, facilities, teachers, resources and programs.With your support, we will have an exciting and positive 5782 and School year 2022! I wish you, your families and all of the Perth and wider Jewish communities a happy, healthy and peaceful year, a Shana Tova u'metuka.

Mark Majzner

Board President