Carmel听students and teachers celebrated Israel鈥檚 73rd听birthday all day on Thursday 15 April. The day started with a performance put on by our听Tzevet听at our Presentation Assembly which showcased the wonders of Israel鈥檚 economic attainments in the 73 years since independence. The听ruach听continued on the oval before mixed peer activities and crafts took place. It was so听heartwarming听to see the genuine displays of kindness and nurturing from our older students towards the younger ones.

After lunch, our colour run took things to a more energetic level as students attempted to escape teachers pursuing them with听squeezie听bottles of powdered paint! It was a day of exuberance and excitement (ending with a significant dose of messiness) from start to finish and we鈥檙e so proud to have been able to do it in celebration of Israel鈥檚 special day.