Welcome to AVѧԺ

Willy Duncan, Superintendent/President

Since 1936, AVѧԺ has been a cornerstone of the communities we serve. As Sierra’s president, I am honored to be a part of a vibrant organization whose mission is to help students achieve success at four-year colleges, transition directly into the workforce, and advance in their careers.

Everywhere I go, I find examples of how AVѧԺ has enriched lives and helped local businesses thrive. Sierra truly is a special place.

With my position comes the responsibility of assuring quality education, building on community relationships, and helping the college manage its growing needs during times of economic uncertainty. AVѧԺ is fully committed to stimulating regional economic success while helping our students, our campuses and citizens in our community reach their full potential. 

As your community college, AVѧԺ is here to serve your needs. I welcome your feedback on how we are doing. 

Willy Duncan

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