Endow-a-Bed = Free Room and Board

With an $80.5M grant from the State of California, AVѧԺ is building a 354-bed affordable student housing dorm. At $450 per month, priority for dorm residence will be given to full-time students with the highest financial need.

While $450 per month may be considered affordable in our region – there are students who cannot pay.

AVѧԺ Foundation is Working to Endow 10 Beds

With a philanthropic investment of $250,000 per bed, an endowment will be established that offers free room and board, in perpetuity, to one student each year.

To date, four beds have been endowed. Thank you to the following for leading the charge:

  • Associated Students of AVѧԺ
  • Mikuni Charitable Organization
  • AVѧԺ Foundation
  • Sutter Health


If you or your organization is interested in Endowing-a-Bed, please contact the Foundation.