Ways You Can Help Our College Community

AVѧԺ Foundation provides numerous opportunities for your philanthropic investment. You can select from the list of impact programs below or contact us for any other programs of your choice.

How You Can Help Meet Our Students’ Needs

  • Student Assistance Fund Endowment (SAFE)
    Tuition may be free but what about living expenses? SAFE offers financial assistance to all students demonstrating a need to defray the cost of living.
  • Endow-a-Bed Program
    A philanthropic investment of $250,000 will create an endowment that offers free room and board, in perpetuity, to one student. !
  • Basic Needs
    AVѧԺ’s new Basic Needs Center is a lifeline of resources for students facing hardships.
  • Guardian Scholars Program for Former Foster Youth
    Offers financial assistance to emancipated youth (former foster youth) to help them overcome barriers to success and realize college is an option.
  • Innovation
    Join us in supporting AVѧԺ’s innovative approaches to our region’s challenging education and workforce issues. 
  • Veterans’ Success Center
    Help us support programs that benefit our veterans returning to civilian life. 
  • Emergency Fund for Students
    Assist students by providing emergency support that can help them through a critical time and one-time emergencies making it possible for them to stay in school.
  • Support New and Existing Scholarships
    Support more than 150 existing scholarships available to AVѧԺ students or consider creating your own scholarship opportunity.

Gifts to AVѧԺ Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The contribution deductible for tax purposes is limited to the amount that exceeds the value of any goods and services received by the donor. Tax ID #23-7241877